Rating : 9/10

When I first saw CrossCode for PC from developer Radical Fish Games, I found myself interested in this retro inspired title but unsure what I would be getting myself into. What on the surface looked like a fairly standard action RPG title soon made it clear that it was far from it. With a compelling opening section that gave a taste of the gameplay and narrative I would encounter throughout, I was hooked, sat on the edge of my seat ready to venture through the world and overcome the challenges that await. What I wasn’t ready for was just how much there was.

You would be forgiven if, like me, you get the impression that CrossCode is a short indie title that will see you busy for an afternoon. In truth the title is packed with over thirty hours of content. Set in the in-universe world of CrossWorlds, a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game, players will venture through seven large and unique areas, explore countless secrets, overcome challenging dungeons, take down over hundred different enemies and complete more than one hundred quests. Within minutes of starting the title it is clear that CrossCode means business intends to live up to the name of being an RPG and it does it with style.


To see you through all of this the story follows the character of Lea who is playing CrossWorlds in order to recover her lost memories. With the help of some friends, NPCs and even other players, Lea’s journey will be a captivating one across the land as she and her friends deal with startling truths, shocking revelations, light hearted comedy, emotional challenges and so much more that will keep players wanting more.

Players experience all of this through gameplay that not only offers plenty of action but also provides a means to build an ideal playstyle. The movement is at the heart of the gameplay here as CrossCode allows players to run, dodge and jump around the maps both in and out of combat. From here the option to unleash both ranged and melee attacks comes into play, with both also being used to solve puzzles within the world. The bouncing ball projectiles that Lea fires help with keeping your distance while the melee attacks and abilities deliver devastating force to those foolish enough to stand in your way.


It doesn’t stop there mind you as CrossCode offers a deep skill and elemenational system that changes up the combat in unique ways. Players will need to discover and master the four elements which take the form of cold, heat, shock and wave. Players will need to find an enemy’s weakness and react accordingly all while spending their experience to learn new abilities and upgrade their stats. Of course, being an RPG means that players will have plenty of quests to complete that reward them with money and items which can further be used to grow their playstyle and enhance the gameplay experience.

All of this happens with super fast controls that feel accessible and tight, both on a controller and keyboard and mouse. This fluid nature continues into the presentation of CrossCode as well with the retro inspired pixel art being a joy to look at. Characters, enemies, attacks and even locations look beautiful with a strong attention to detail that is made better thanks to the excellent soundtrack that supports the action. All this and it runs at a solid frame rate that is stable even during the most intense of battles, making CrossCode an absolute blast to play.

In the end, CrossCode offers players the chance to lose themselves in an engaging and thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end. With superb gameplay, a rich and detailed world, hours of content and a brilliant soundtrack, CrossCode is a must have for anyone looking for a grand adventure they can lose themselves in.

CrossCode is an outstanding title that is completely worth your time investment. It is beautiful, compelling and a ton of fun.

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