Draw Your Game

Rating : 6/10

Draw Your Game is a very simple game. The basis of it is giving people the opportunity to make their own – very simple – platformer, without needing to have any knowledge of coding or how to actually make a game. All you need is a piece of paper, a red pen, a blue pen, a green pen, a black pen and a smartphone. Using your black pen you draw the floors and walls of your level, the blue to create movable objects, green for objects you’ll bounce off and the red pen is for parts of the stage that kill. Once you’re happy with your level, simply take a picture of it and upload it into the game. There you will take control of a stickman and play through the level. There are other characters you can unlock with tokens you gain from completing levels, but it doesn’t change any of the platforming, just the aesthetics of your character.

Draw Your Game

Thankfully, you don’t HAVE to draw your own game to play, Draw Your Game. There are a lot of levels pre-loaded that you can play and get a feel for how to structure and eventually if you want to, draw your own game. Completing the game gets you the obligatory star rating and an acknowledgement of your time. But that doesn’t really mean anything.

And that’s all she wrote for Draw Your Game. It’s quaint and simple. It’s like a ‘My First Game Maker’.It’s something simple that children will enjoy. Devoid of any real complexity or challenge, that you find in games such as Mario Maker or Little Big Planet. While this does allow for it to be more accessible for younger ages, something you can pull up on a rainy Saturday to entertain the children for an hour or two, it does mean it gets old pretty quickly. Once you’ve made a few levels, played a few of the pre-loaded levels, you’ve seen all there is to see of Draw Your Game. It’s Enjoyable while it’s there but easily forgotten about.

Quaint and simple, Draw Your Game is great for young children. A good few hours fun, but easily forgotten.

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