Knee Deep

Rating : 3/10

Well, I have to say, games like this always put me in difficult position. The main reason being is that I know someone put a lot of time and effort into creating this title, but unfortunately, did such a mediocre job that there is literally nothing good I can bring myself to praise. Which is a shame because the concept really seemed intriguing right from the get go. This was, however, met with such a wave of disappointment that I can’t even figure out where to begin.

Speaking of characters, the design choice to use basic looking 3D models is a rather questionable one. Actually, to be completely honest, the models don’t look good at all, it’s as if they were flushed out from the “how to” section for character design. This really doesn’t help the narrative based gameplay much when you can tell there’s a lack of substance from these models and, in turn, their dialogue trees. But from the perspective of them as characters instead of models, they’re just unlikeable overall. There wasn’t a single person in-game that I cared about in any way, shape or form. They were all just variations of different cliches mashed together, the daring reporter, the grizzled cop, the dead actor, been there, done that a million times.

Knee Deep

If I had to find only one redeeming factor about Knee Deep, it’s that it’s presented fairly well. Now, I know that I gave the game shit earlier for being shown through the style of a play, and that I didn’t like the idea of said play being paired with a Noir setting, but I can’t knock the game for trying something different. In this case, different being a well detailed theatre structure that, sure, doesn’t strike my taste, but others will definitely enjoy it. Especially at the very beginning, where you raise the curtain, get the orchestra ready and prepare the crowd for a night of mystery. It’s just a shame that the presentation is all the game has.

Frankly, I could continue to nitpick the issues with this game but I feel like it would more or less turn into a rant. All in all, Knee Deep is a story driven game that drives its story and characters right into the ground. To be fair, I understand where the appeal for a game like this can come from, but unfortunately, that appeal just doesn’t resonate with me.

Knee Deep

Knee Deep is a game that certainly tries to bring its world to life, but overall, doesn’t make it past the first hurdle. A narrative focused title that isn’t gripping nor riveting, Knee Deep shows us the negative side of storytelling.

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