Rating : 7/10

MXGP3 is a Motocross racing game and before I get into this review I just want to point out a few things about me so that this review is easier to understand from my side of the argument. I am not a huge racing fan, I have played all of the Forza and Gran Turismo games but I am not a pro racer by anyone’s standards. I do however have a lot of fun playing these games so I will be giving MXGP3 a fair and unbiased review.

First off, let’s talk about arguably the biggest feature, and the one that most will be spending quite a bit of their time in; the career mode. It has you creating your own racer, which you can customise how you wish, although the options here are pretty lacklustre and don’t offer a wide range of variety that other sport games do. Although you don’t really see your character that much when playing so I suppose this doesn’t matter. This title has you playing as your own racer, while they are on their path to glory and fame, on said path you must choose sponsorship deals, choose from a few teams of whom you can join and choose how you want your bike to look. Although you can choose how your bike looks, you don’t really see much difference in the liveries.


The huge positive in this game, is how the bikes feel and sound. The bikes feel really good to control, you would expect a bike to feel heavy while shredding through the dirt, but feel floaty and highly flexible while you are in the air. This title nails the pure feeling of riding a dirt bike. The audio is also a high point that this game has to offer, personally I have never heard a Motocross bike before, but I would imagine that when a group of bikes are all together and going around a track, it would sound like a wild pack of chainsaws. Well that’s what they sound like in this game, you can hear the roars of their engines around every corner, as they come from behind to try and take your first place spot away from you.

So when you are on the track racing, there are a few different features that you should be aware of, a feature that has been prominent in quite a few racing games is the rewind feature, this feature lets you turn back time if you mess up a turn or a jump. This is a good feature for people who are new to this series, or for people new to racing games, in this game in particular, there is a long time limit that you can rewind up to, and there is no limit or punishment for doing so.


Another component is the dynamic weather, apparently this should be changing up gameplay, I didn’t really notice any changes in gameplay when I was playing, the only differences I noticed were cosmetic, I feel like this was a missed opportunity, they could have added a lot with this weather system, but instead it left me wanting more from this title.

Let’s talk about realism, MXGP3 has all of the official licences available for Motocross, this includes all the racers, sponsors and bikes themselves. If I was more of a Motocross fan, I believe that this would be heaven for me. If you are a true motocross fan, then this game will impress you with the sheer amount, of licences and official tracks that are available in the game.


MXGP3 is a fun game and a good game for any fan of the sport, the career mode is fun however it gets boring a little too quickly, but I’m sure that any fan of the sport, will appreciate the effort that went into making this game.

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