The Tower of Five Hearts

Rating : 7/10

They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea. There are also, foxes, bunnies, dogs, cats, and lizards, apparently. My Lord, with all these choices, how is a woman to decide!? In Tower of Five Hearts, you just might have to. 18 and up for this title, by the way!

To start off, I am not adverse to the amount of animal-human hybrids that show up in anime. I dated everyone across the board in Huniepop including the cat-girl and the alien. Hell, I’m pretty sure Disney predisposed me to not having the biggest issue with dating anthropomorphic creatures because, come on, Robin Hood. Now that is one sexy fox… MOVING ON! In Tower of Five Hearts, you are a princess who has always been a bit more interested in being rough and tough than pretty and gentle. It’s time for her to take the throne though, and suitors are knocking on the door quite literally.

The Tower of Five Hearts

Playing as Princess Marie at the heart of the five kingdoms, it is up to your royal family to uphold peace for the five continents that all come together at the center where you live. You are the next in line, and you must choose a maid to serve you. There are five animal-women for you to choose from, and they all have their pros and cons.

This visual novel by TsukiWare does not waste any time. I can be a fast reader at times, but about five or six minutes into the novel, I already had a nude scene. It’s a solo scene, if you get my meaning, though it does seem someone was curious about just what the princess was doing in the baths alone. Yeah, this game has a lot of tropes, but that’s not always a bad thing.

The Tower of Five Hearts

A clear effort was put into Tower of Five Hearts and it seems that it was made with a bit of self-awareness involved. That’s always a good thing for games that are on the racy side, unless it’s just me that likes some jokes in my porn games. The art is nice, done in a very anime style that fits the genre. I was puzzled by the lizard-girl, I had actually thought at first that she was a fish, but points for going outside of the box with her.

The characters are all pretty endearing, very adorable, and everything really has a sense of innocence about it considering the subject matter. I’ll be honest and say that the fox-girl caught my interest the most, or at least that’s what I think she is, a kitsune, I believe. Oh and another term that might be new to some of you is yuri. That’s what this type of manga is called, meaning lesbian relationships. Kind of refreshing, really.

The Tower of Five Hearts

Would I recommend this visual novel of the Tijuana Bibles type (Google the term, it’s amazing!), yes. It’s cute, and I’ll probably go back to it to see where the story goes. For my second venture into visual novels, I would definitely say Tower of Five Hearts is starting to make me consider trying the genre more. Interested in some romance of the furry variety? Give this one a try, it’s Huniepop-like fun without the games.

If you like finding visual novels and smut in the same place, then this is the game for you! Oh, you also like furries, you say, it’s got that too! A cute novel that doesn’t waste much time, so consider yourself warned.

The writing is on the wall, because the power went out.

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