War Mongrels

Finally, we’ve waited for a truly legendary project, which, as we think, will outshine even the most popular tactical game Commandos. Yes, at last, Destructive Creations has presented its new brainchild to the world. Meet today, War Mongrels – the best isometric real-time tactical game, that takes place on the Eastern front of World War II. Let’s take a closer look at this game.


As we have already said, the events in War Mongrels take place on the eastern front. The developer has chosen this direction for a reason, because it is very rare when the game industry pays attention to this side of the war. This is where the war took an incredibly large number of lives and told many stories about courage and how cruel people can be.

The main characters begin to doubt the rightness of the actions of their government and radically change their positions in life, realizing that their main vocation is to fight the growing fascist threat, which caused them to make many mistakes.

It should be noted that the game’s story campaign is based on a true story and manages to fully show and reveal the path of two Wehrmacht soldiers, who managed to turn from deserters into real resistance fighters. And, as it turned out, there are more like-minded people than they could have imagined. Players have a long and interesting way to go and fully immerse themselves in these difficult years of war.


To begin with, the gameplay of the game, for fans of the genre, will be to more familiar. Here everything is the same, but the presentation in a completely new style, which will attract the attention of a huge number of gamers.

At the beginning of the journey you will have to control only two fighters, but a little later the squad will be replenished with more and more interesting heroes with completely new abilities. After all, each fighter has his own unique abilities and advantages. Players will only have to choose and find the perfect combination in all of them, which will allow to easily defeat any enemy.

The developers offer full freedom of action: sabotage, stealth, silent killings, different skills to use the environment to the advantage of the player, a huge number of weapons and much more. In other words, everyone will find something special in War Mongrels.

Finally, the pause system has been finalized, which allows you to take deliberate actions against a large accumulation of enemies. The developers have managed to present their game in almost all its glory.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the game has a multiplayer mode that allows you to enjoy the whole process together with your friends. However, at the time of writing this review, this mode was not available, most likely, the tab “Multiplayer” will launch after the official release of the game. We do not want to reveal all the secrets of the game, it is better to see everything yourself. Among the gameplay features are several important factors:
Cooperative online mode for 2 players
An informative history lesson with events, significant dates, places, weapons
Freedom of action
Unique team of fighters
Freedom of choice.

Graphics and sound

To begin with, the developer, to our surprise, has seriously worked on the sound and graphics, which is by far one of the best of all tactical real-time games. Every detail has been worked out, down to the smallest detail. It’s rare that you really expect such graphics, but Destructive Creations exceeded all our expectations. The graphics are amazing. Gamers will love it.

The soundtrack is designed in such a way that it allows you to fully immerse yourself in these difficult times of war and confusion in all countries. The chic character voices, the sounds of vehicles, gunshots, and other elements in the game are all worked out to the smallest detail.

Getting into the game, from the very first minute you start to realize that this is indeed the one, the best tactical game of 2021, which players, as we think, have been waiting for. The game just won’t let you go, and you want to sit down and pass it completely from the first time, but it is unlikely you will succeed. Since even on minimal difficulty, the developers tried to make the life of the players not much easier.

Summing up War Mongrels, it should be noted that this game can be safely put on the shelf of the best projects. And you won’t be mistaken, because the developers managed to create something really new, interesting and playable. Great graphics, incredible sound, gameplay, features, cooperative mode and decent storyline – all these things will definitely attract millions of gamers, even those who have never played this genre before. Of the disadvantages, there is nothing that catches our eye. It seemed to us that there are none. One thing is clear, that everyone should play War Mongrels.

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