Wonder Wickets

Rating : 7/10

Now I’m not sure about you, but I know that I’ve always wanted to play golf in space. My prayers were answered with Wonder Wickets, a game that does just that! Time to battle anti-gravity and get balls in holes, ladies and gentlemen, and watch out for those space obstacles.

One look at the art for this title from Rightstick Studios and I was interested. With whimsical design and a plethora of characters, the options are endless and the world is wonderfully colourful. According to the game’s story, golf started off as a simple stick and rock sport, but has become something great. Some play the game to relax and explore the galaxy while others play it seriously and for honour. What kind of player will you be?

Wonder Wickets

In this game, you will face obstacles and hazards, of course, after all it’s golf. There will also be foes you will have to face and even special powers for your character. Rightstick Studios has focused a lot on the gameplay options as well, giving the ability to play local and online multiplayer so that players can challenge their friends even one-on-one if you’re brave enough! There are 12 characters total in the game, and all have unlockable costumes, giving the player a ton of options. In addition there is also a campaign mode world as well as a world known as the Challengoid Belt.

While there are good points to Wonder Wickets, there are drawbacks as well. Perhaps a colourblind issue on my end, it was hard to tell where the obstacles were at first. With some practice and a little patience, I was able to pick up on what was what eventually. Having to fall a few times to figure out where boundaries are is perhaps just an issue people like me get to deal with, but at least I was able to catch on! Some of the controls and physics can be frustrating at times as well, as the ball seems to have more weight to it than one would expect in a typical golf game. Perhaps that’s because it’s in space. Everything’s different in space, eh?

Wonder Wickets

There is a bit of a learning curve as there normally is with each golf game, such as sorting out what the physics of the ball are. I will admit I got annoyed a few times with the ball either going way too far or barely even moving as I tested out the power bar. With some practice, though, I was able to adjust to the physics of the game. Perhaps the most frustrating thing is the ball’s habit to punish you if hit too hard. Even just a little. Fair warning: plan ahead as the ball likes to skip over the hole, so it’s best to undershoot rather than over. Nothing’s more annoying than watching that ball jump over again and again.

When it comes down to it, Wonder Wickets is a fun game with some balance issues. With a few adjustments, this game could be great. As it is now, it’s fun but frustrating at times. Once the player learns how the mechanics of the game work, though, the frustration goes down. All in all, it’s a great first outing and a fun game minus a few little issues. Perhaps those are issues we’d run into while trying to play golf in space, though. Perhaps someday mankind will know just what it’s like to golf in space, but for now, this may be as close as we’ll get. Give Wonder Wickets a try for yourself, though, and let me know if you had issues with it at all, I would like to know! Have fun golfing, everyone!

Wonder Wickets

This game is a good first outing for Rightstick Studios with fun game play and tons of characters to choose from. It has its downsides, such as trying to figure out the sweet spot for the ball so that it doesn’t skip over the hole. The controls are a little touchy.

The writing is on the wall, because the power went out.

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